Bryce Romero
Bryce Romero
Name Bryce Romero
Date of Birth
Nationality American
Years Active 2014-present
Occupation(s) Actor
Character(s) Grayson Pfeiffer
Bryce Romero is an actor, known for The Maze Runner(2014), Maggie (2015) and The Final Girls (2015). He played the character of Grayson Pfeiffer on the first season of the TV adaptation of the horror film, Scream.


Romero’s been interested in acting as long as he can remember, but with no friends or family in the industry, he never really knew how to break into the business. However, soon after entering the Performing Arts program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he scored an agent and started booking gigs, the first of which was actually the 2014 hit, The Maze Runner.

In 2015, he played the character of Grayson Pfeiffer on Scream (TV Series).

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