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Unless we wake up, and stop acting like this isn't Murderville, we're all going to end up like Jake, and we'll deserve it.

–Brooke Maddox to Lakewood citizens, Village of the Damned

Brooke Maddox is a main character on the original Scream television series.

She is portrayed by Carlson Young.


The gorgeous, sassy and wealthy Queen Bee of George Washington High School, she is one of the best friends of Emma Duval. Initially, she is shown to be slightly snobby and shallow with a carefree attitude and blunt persona. However, as the series progresses, Brooke is revealed to be a troubled, insecure girl with family and daddy issues. Also, she had a complicated and secret sexual relationship with her teacher, Seth Branson. When her friends start to get picked off one by one by the Lakewood slasher, Brooke shows the most grief of her friends' deaths, revealing a more caring and sensitive side. Brooke is attacked on several occasions. In the first-season finale, she is attacked while locked inside a freezer, suffering minor stab wounds but managed to survive. She is one of the Six Lakewood teens to survive the first Lakewood bloodbath.

Season 2

It's shows Brooke months after the murders, and is seen breaking up with Jake Fitzgerald, but would never thought that he would be the first victim of (Piper's accomplice) until much later when his body, blood and gore dropped all over her. She becomes angry and determined to find Jake's killer and avenge him, going as far as to torture Branson for information, with no success. She slowly grows closer to Gustavo, especially when her father, Mayor Quinn Maddox, is murdered by the killer. While assisting Emma and the gang on setting up a trap for the killer, she is ambushed and stabbed by him in the Season 2 finale, but makes a quick recovery.

Appearances (23/24)

Season 1 (10/10)

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Emma: "Do you really think a party is a good idea tonight, Brooke?"
Brooke: "Ugh. It's a prayer ritual. People in mourning get thirsty."
— Emma and Brooke discussing Nina's memorial party
  • Brooke: "I can't focus on The Goodbye Girl when my dad is doing Gone Girl."
  • Brooke:"That is Riley's seat...Forever." - To the female student who sat on the seat that belonged to the deceased Riley.
  • Brooke: ''You're like a caveman; dumb, crass and barely housebroken.''
  • Brooke: "You're a tough bitch Audrey"
  • Brooke: "Well, boys are not iPhones. I wish they were."
  • Brooke: "All you people who think you know about the Lakewood Six. You don't know us. Not really."
  • Brooke: "Do you really want to get into this family's legacy of lying and breaking promises?"
  • Brooke: "That night at the pool, he wanted to take me to the carnival. I wanted to say yes."
  • Brooke: "Well, they took my clothes. Do they have anything else for me to wear, or do they want me to wander the halls naked?"
  • Brooke: ''Congratulations, Lakewood. Happy one hundred years of lying to yourself. Lakewood is cursed. People die in this town. All the time and we act like nothing happened.''
  • Brooke: ''Noah, please don't go all meta on me right now, I need you guarding this door with me.''
  • Brooke: ''Well, if it's you I will defend myself with this little hook thing.'' - To Noah warning him if he would be the killer.
Brooke: "He was really beautiful."
Maggie: "You scared me."
Brooke: "How long has he been like this?"
Maggie: "I can't comment on an open case and these are just initial findings."
— Brooke and Maggie discussing about Jake's time of death.
Brooke: "What do you want?"
The Lakewood Slasher: "Mm, if it isn't daddy's little girl."
— Phone call between Brooke and the Lakewood Slasher.


  • Her father, Quinn Maddox was the mayor of Lakewood.
  • Her mother, Monica, is in drug rehab in Phoenix, Arizona. She is never seen through out the whole series, even after Quinn gets killed.
  • She had a secret sexual relationship with her former teacher, Seth Branson.
    • Brooke and Seth would technically be the first inappropriate relationship in non-antagonistic characters in the franchise, seeing as neither were killers, who are preceded by and succeeded in the TV series by antagonistic characters such by both Piper and Kieran in the first two seasons and by Beth and Jamal in Season 3. (Piper, Seth and Jamal all adults in relationships with teenagers Kieran, Brooke, and Beth)
  • She has been attacked the most out of all the characters.
  • She is a fan favorite due to her rebellious, feisty, sassy and sometimes "bitchy" personality that's similar to Tatum Riley. She is also quite resourceful and clever like Tatum as well.
  • In the first season, it's shown that Brooke and her father lived in a upper middle class house near Wren Lake, but upgraded to a mansion in season 2 after Quinn decided to upsize rather than downsizing following the amicable divorce from his wife.
  • She had a Porsche Cayenne in the first season but later upgrades to a Range Rover Sports car by season two as her father and her moved to a bigger house following the divorce of her mother.
  • Brooke and Emma share a similar experience in the discovery of the dead bodies of their former boyfriends.
  • Brooke is one of the members of the Lakewood Six.
  • As a main character, she only misses one episode, The Vanishing.
  • She is the seventh person in the series to get a call from the killer.
  • She is stabbed twice by the killer, eventually revealed to be Kieran, in When a Stranger Calls but makes a quick recovery.
  • In Halloween, Brooke's birthday is revealed as 28 March 1999 on her NYU application form.
    • She is the second character in the series to have their birthday revealed, the first being Kieran Wilcox.
  • it's known that Brooke idolized Nina Patterson during their freshman year. but grew to despise her as she learned how Nina was cruel, vindictive and petty to other people.
  • Due to applying to NYU, she is possibly the 1st character (Stavo possibly being the 2nd) in the franchise to live in and attend college in New York City predating the main characters in Scream VI, but they are first ones shown to be living in New York
    • She is the first character to have a connection to New York City, but it wouldn't be until Scream VI in which New York City was used as setting.


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