Victims one and two

Noah Foster

Brett Keener was a student at George Washington High School and the second victim to die during Brandon James' killing spree. He was one of the people that bullied Brandon James. Brandon was able to get revenge on him by killing him.


Season 1

Wanna Play a Game?

As Dara Alden is running away, Brett catches her and informs her that he's probably close and has no remorse on what he did to Brandon James, as he turns away, Dara's throat is slit. Brett grabs a nearby stick and tells him to stay away. As he attempts to runaway he trips and turns to see Brandon, who steps on his foot. Brett attempts to hit Brandon with the stick but he grabs it and uses it to impale him through the eye.

BrettKeenerScreamSeries (6)

Brett's death.


Season 1

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