Brandon James was a disfigured mass murderer who preyed on Students of George Washington High School in the small town of Lakewood in the television series, Scream.


Brandon James was born and raised in a small town called Lakewood. Brandon along with his brother, Troy, grew up next door to Daisy Anderson. He would write notes for Daisy and hide them for her to find and reply back to them. During his early childhood and teenage years he had multiple face surgeries to reconstruct his face and wore many face masks, eventually wearing the Brandon James Mask.

Brandon was home-schooled by his mother while his older brother Troy was the only one to take care of him, His father was ashamed of him. One night at the George Washington High School dance, he went to Daisy and told her she deserved so much better than Kevin (her boyfriend) due to how horribly he treated her. A group of Kevin's friends had beaten Brandon thinking they were helping Maggie, protecting her from a monster.

Soon after this Brandon was believed to have just snapped from being bullied, he went on a killing spree, murdering five of Kevin's friends in a single day on October 31, 1994. After which, he attacked but failed to kill Kevin Duval. According to a tape Kevin Duval made, he found out Daisy and Brandon had been sexually involved with each other sometime before the killings. This caused Daisy to give birth to his daughter, Piper Shaw, which she gave away for adoption.

According to Maggie, she went to Wren Lake to meet up and talk to Brandon but the cops followed Maggie. Brandon showed up to meet Maggie and according to her, he looked scared uttering his final words "All I ever wanted was to be with you". The police then opened fire, with the bullets hitting Brandon in the back, causing him to fall into the docks. His blood splattered on Daisy as she looked on in horror, having been promised that he would not be harmed. Maggie later reveled that she belived Brandon could never have murdered anybody and was likely framed.


His presumed murder triggered his daughter, Piper, to take revenge on Emma (Piper was jealous of her for the perfect life she had) and Maggie for his death. She failed to kill them as was shot dead at the same dock at the same lake.

In The Vanishing, we learn that after his supposed death, he survived being shot by the police and fished himself out of the lake. Daisy and Miguel Acosta helped him hide out.

In When a Stranger Calls, someone called imprisoned Kieran Wilcox, saying "Hello Kieran. Who told you, you could wear my mask?". From the phone call, it is implied that Brandon could be the caller.



  • The newspapers in both seasons reveals that person wearing Brandon James mask was caught by security footage at the crime scene of 1994 Lakewood Murders.
  • According to Noah Foster, Brandon wore a post-non-surgical mask. It's later revealed in Aftermath that Brandon had worn many different non-surgical masks due to the multiple operations done in an attempt to repair his face.
  • It took Brandon a lifetime to turn into a sadistic murderer, he had killed 5 students by the time he was shot.
  • According to Noah Foster, Brandon had developed a crush on a girl named Daisy (who is later to be revealed as Emma's mother) and became obsessed with her, due to her being the only person outside his family that he knew.
  • He holds similarities to Victor Crowley and Jason Voorhees from the respective film franchise Hatchet and Friday the 13th.
  • According to Noah Foster, Brandon suffers from Proteus syndrome which explains his deformed face.
  • The Lakewood Slasher uses the same mask that Brandon James used in October 31, 1994 when he killed 5 students.
  • Brandon killed five students on October 31, 1994; a reference to Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise as he goes on killing sprees on Halloween (hence the title).
  • It's revealed that in Betrayed and In The Trenches, Brandon and Daisy (Maggie) were close friends since childhood and they were romantically involved in high school when Daisy was in a troubling relationship with Kevin Duval.
  • Maggie was the only one who believed he was not the one who committed the murders that night but she never defended her childhood friend.
  • Piper Shaw is his only child and died at the same lake he supposedly did.
  • Brandon's mask was stolen around a year prior to the Lakewood Murders.
  • In The Vanishing, it was revealed through flashbacks that Brandon survived the incident at the lake. When he later met with Maggie, she helped him in escaping from Lakewood with the help of Miguel Acosta.
  • Maggie Duval and Miguel Acosta are only people that know about Brandon surviving after being shot.
  • In The Vanishing, during Acosta's flashback, it can be seen and noted that Brandon James used a different hunting knife rather than the traditional Buck 120. This is best noticed by the white handle and thicker blade rather than the black and silver thin blade featured in the Buck 120. 
  • Michael Gans confirmed that both Piper and Kieran believed that Brandon was alive somewhere. [1]

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