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Blackmore University is a location featured in Scream VI. It is located in New York City, and is currently attended by Tara Carpenter, Mindy Meeks-Martin and Chad Meeks-Martin.


Scream VI

After murdering film professor, Laura Crane, Jason Carvey returns to the Blackmore Campus where he crosses paths with Tara Carpenter and asks if Sam will be attending the frat party she's going to. Tara says Sam wouldn't be caught dead at a frat party and continues on. Jason returns to his dorm room and notices his roommate and friend, Greg Bruckner, is missing. He returns his bloody Ghostface mask to a shrine hidden in a closet and sits on the sofa to watch Friday the 13th.

Whilst watching the movie, he gets a call from who he assumes to be Greg using the Ghostface voice changer. The caller reveals that they are watching Jason through the security cameras in the dorm and plays a game of hot and cold with him, leading him to the refrigerator where Greg's mutilated body is. Ghostface then appears behind Jason and stabs him to death. Later that night, Wayne Bailey is called to the dorm room after the murder is reported and he finds Sam Carpenter's drivers license at the scene.

That same night, Tara attends the frat party with Mindy Meeks-Martin, Chad Meeks-Martin, Mindy's girlfriend Anika Kayoko, and Chad's roommate Ethan Landry. Whilst looking for hard liquor, another student, Frankie, tells Tara that he has fireball shots in his room and leads her along. Chad is called in for reinforcements as Mindy and Anika know that Frankie is bad news and a fight breaks out between Chad and Frankie that ends with Sam tasing Frankie in the testicles.

As the group walk home, Sam and Tara argue about Sam acting as a helicopter parent to her and a group of students ambush the group as they are followers of an online theory that Sam framed Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman for the 2022 Woodsboro Murders.

The next morning, after having been attacked by Ghostface in a Bodega, Mindy gathers the group on the University lawn to discuss the rules of the new movie and her suspects list. After this, they never return to the campus.

Known students

Class of 2025/26 (freshman):

Known Staff

Behind the Scenes

  • The University being used for Blackmore is McGill University in Canada.
  • The name Blackmore is also the working title for Scream VI.