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Don't take this the wrong way, but you guys are black and in horror, that's pretty much an insta-kill.


Beth was a main character and one of the main antagonists of the third season of the television series Scream.

Beth was set up as the cliché horror movie expert, due to being a goth, of the group of outcasts and her senior year classmates from Weaver High School. After being placed in detention with them prior to the appearance of Ghostface, she helped form their group, dubbed The Deadfast Club, during a murder spree in Atlanta, Georgia in October-November 2018, which she secretly participated in and was the accomplice of.

Beth is the second Ghostface killer in the Scream franchise (after Charlie Walker) whose role as the film expert was used as a decoy to be closer to her targets, before her character was revealed as the mastermind, in use of manipulation. She is also the only female accomplice to have betrayed her mastermind, a man, and was the only Ghostface who wanted to become a film slasher from the films. She was shot point blank three times by Kym during her one last scare moment.

She was portrayed by Giorgia Whigham.


Beth, a resident goth girl and a local tattoo artist is an unapologetic fan of horror films. She is outspoken about her encyclopedic knowledge of movie murder — which is sure to come in handy with a killer on the loose.


Early Life

Not much is known about Beth's early life or past, except for the fact that she was born in August 2001-July 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia to unknown parents, who happened to be morticians who owned a funeral home somewhere in the suburbs of the city. Unlike her fellow classmates, who grew up in College Park, Beth had an easy upbringing due to living in suburbia, with the only thing she had in common later on was being in or attending the same public schools (and later high school), with Marcus Elliot, Kym, Amir Ayoub, Shane (later dropped out) Manny, and Hawkins, the latter 5 (minus Hawkins) later being her targets.

Meeting Jamal and Finding Her "Origin" Story

Beth was a self-claimed born sociopath with an obsession for horror movies. This is either the result of her untreated mental health growing up or Beth's environment as a child to adolescent, seeing as her parents were morticians and owned a funeral home, for which there was a morgue on the lower floor. She watched every horror film she could get her hands on and it still wasn't enough to satiate her thirst for violence. Believing that she could be a better killer then any slashers she'd seen on film, she pined for an origin story that would do her justice. Her prayers were answered during her senior year in approx. September 2018 when she, at 17, met a 20-something party promoter, Jamal Elliot, who came into the tattoo parlour where she worked, there was an instant connection between them as they both carried an inner darkness.

2018 Atlanta Murders

The killer is the real hero of the story (...) What, forget your lines? Don't worry, this is the part where you scream.

–Beth to Liv Reynolds before being ambused, Endgame

Beth 1

Jay would eventually reveal to Beth his tragic past, including the secret that his half-brother Marcus had stolen the identity of their deceased brother Deion. Seizing the opportunity, she seduced and manipulated Jay into kick-starting a killing spree with her, beginning in the final week of October 2018, during Halloween, falling on the anniversary of Jamal's late brother. Using the costume Deion was wearing the night he died, they targeted those they saw as “hypocrites” (including Marcus), acting one way on the ”outside” but actually being someone completely different “inside”. Beth integrated herself with their intended victims, pretending to also be target of the Killer and joining the group who she herself christened The Deadfast Club. According to Mr. Fitch during the groups first detention prior to their group’s formation, Beth was in detention for various times, thus subliminally foreshadowing her role as a troubled delinquent, and later the murderer.


While being in detention, Beth left Jamal to commit his own vision while hiding in plain sight. She used her knowledge about horror movies to pretend she's guiding her fellow survivors. The first phase of her plan was flirting with Amir, who initially refused her advances, in order to gain the first person who completely believe her lies. 

Later that night, Beth tracked Shane down and called him out for being a drug dealer, moments before trapping him under a ladder and injecting him an overdose through his eye.

At the night came after, she went with Kym and Manny to the countryside, and secretly cut Kym's tires. Kym was convinced that the culprits were a group of rednecks and confronted them. This drove her and Manny into a heated argument, causing them to split.The rednecks chased Kym, and Beth and Manny went to investigate the killer's involvement. Beth lost one of her shoes during the investigation, and used it to ditch Manny. She dressed like Ghostface, and chased Manny into the cornfield, who had left her to find Kym in the cornfield. After assaulting Manny, she lured him as he went inside Kym’s abandoned car and, with the trail of gasoline from the car and her lighter, burned one of the crops and dropped it as she burned the corn field surrounding them, and as a result, Manny was burned alive inside the car, due to Beth having locked it from the outside.

Beth Unmasking

Beth unmasking as Ghostface

The next night and now in the first week of November 2018, was used to commit the second phase of her plan, which involved Amir coming to her house, and using him for her own enjoyment before sending Jamal to attack him. Amir escaped from Jamal, but got caught by Beth, who personally cut him vertically with a bone saw using the elevator.

Beth last scare

Beth giving the final scare

The third phase of her plan was committed during a party, when she pretended to join Kym in her struggle to find the killer in time. Her original plan for this phase to track down Liv and frame her as the final part of her plan, but was forced to take a holt and killed Jamal after the latter attempted to tell the police about her.

The fourth and final phase of her plan involved framing Liv and being closed with her in the same room long enough to shoot her when she was off-guard. Unfortunately for her, Liv was on to her during a conversation about Amir's death, and promptly knocked her out with a broken flag pole. Marcus rushed to Liv's aid, knowing she isn't the killer. He was initially worried to see her covered with blood, until Beth came up and revealed it's her blood. She drew a gun, shot Marcus and left him behind in the favor of chasing Liv. After a long chase to the roof, Beth started to close on Liv, and talked about her wish to prove she's the best killer, aside with taking pride at her sociopathic nature and dislike toward hypocrites. Before she could resume the assault, Marcus surprised her from behind and knocked her out with his football helmet, causing her to fall down through the glass.

Beth's corpse

Beth's corpse


Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

At her final moments, she saw Marcus and Liv regaining their breath, only to be confronted by Kym, holding them at a gunpoint. Beth attempted to use the distraction for one final attempt to chop Marcus and Liv, but Kym quickly shot her to death with Jamal's gun, three times who in her final moments, was stunned at the reveal of Kym returning due to her expectations and shooting her, and how it was her all along and how Kym was right in them being partners, before dropping dead.

Committed Murders

Crime Scene Photo Victim Cause of Death Episode
ShaneDeath Shane A deadly dose of drugs injected into his eye, a ladder dropped on windpipe. Devil's Night
MannyDeath Manny Burned alive in Car Fire The Man Behind the Mask
AmirAyoubDeath Amir Ayoub Stabbed through back with bone-saw, bisected by rising lift Ports in the Storm
OfficerWestbrookDeath B. Westbrook Stabbed in head, lit on fire Blindspots
JayElliot3 Jamal Elliot Stabbed multiple times with trash picker, blood loss Blindspots/Endgame

Appearances (6/6) 

Season 3 (6/6)



  • Unknown parents




Don't take this the wrong way, but you guys are black and in horror, that's pretty much an insta-kill.


Like I said, always knew I was a sociopath


I knew (that) if I could kill him, I could kill anybody.



  • Beth is a high school student at Weaver High School.
    • She is a member of The Deadfast Club.
    • Despite the film reference, which makes her (according to Kym), seemingly and accordingly like Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case), yet she is more similar to John Bender in some aspects (Rebel).
    • She is the second and final Ghostface killer to die in season 3, as well as the accomplice with more kills than her partner.
  • Beth as a horror film fan is very similar to Randy Meeks, Kirby Reed, Robbie Mercer, Noah Foster, Audrey Jensen, Gustavo Acosta, and Mindy Meeks-Martin in that, she is a horror enthusiast, who is all too familiar with the common tropes in the genre.
  • Beth turns out to be Ghostface, alongside with Jay as her accomplice (however the roles are reversed, as she's the accomplice and Jay the mastermind, nonetheless).
    • They are also the second duo of killers in the TV series, to be in an minor and adult relationship, following Piper Shaw and Kieran Wilcox.
    • They are the first canonical Ghostface killers to be in an inappropriate relationship in the franchise, succeeded by Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman.
  • The nomenclature between Beth and Jay as a duo, regardless of their age difference, and gender, is a reference to the duo of Jay and Silent Bob, who were first featured in the 1994 American film, Clerks, directed by Kevin Smith, who make a cameo as tourists visiting Sunrise Studios, in Scream 3.
    • The poster for the 1994 film is seen at the video store where Randy Meeks (whose horror expert role is made homage by Beth, despite being Ghostface) worked in the original Scream.
  • Her and Jamal are the fourth woman-man duo in the franchise overall since:
  • All the women had led the men in accompanying their motive and murder sprees (except for Beth, who helped accomplice Jay's motive to expose Marcus).
  • Beth shooting Marcus in her reveal but not killing him, is a reference to Scream when Billy Loomis shot Randy Meeks to reveal himself to Sidney.
  • When stating to Liv when asked why she chased her down and the reason for why she did not go after Marcus after shooting him, Beth reveals her plan on how she was trying to bring her into her own horror movie she was executing and how despite Jamal going after Marcus and his motive being the main reason for the murders to avenge a late family member, hers was to bring all of them down in classic slasher fashion.
    • Arguably, the motives of two killers' motives clashing and leading to betrayal is explored in Scream 2 and Scream 4.
    • Beth's arrogant response to when Liv tells her how they'll never believe her as she states how whether the cops would believe her or Jamal, given their race and backgrounds a reference to when Nancy told Sidney how'd she pin the murders on Mickey when Sidney told her she wouldn't get away with it.
    • Beth stating to an arrogant Liv before chasing her when she refused to leave a wounded Marcus after shooting him how she had a gun and how she'd shoot him if she didn't get up, is an homage to when Nancy told Sidney to not patronize a woman with a gun in the second film, as well as in the fourth film when Jill told Gale and Judy to get up or else she'd shoot Dewey, who she had knocked down unconscious and who was thwarted when Gale and Judy arrive, during the hospital showdown/true ending.
    • Like in the fourth and fifth films, the male killer (Charlie, Jamal, and Richie) died before their female accomplice (Jill, Beth, and Amber).
  • Beth as a solo Ghostface and self-appointed mastermind executing her own horror movie within the murder spree she was on, is similar to when Roman Bridger committed the Hollywood Murders within the cancelled production of Stab 3, which he was set to direct, succeeded by:
    • Jill and Charlie executing the Remake Massacre/Second Woodsboro Murders
    • Richie and Amber committing the Legacy Murders/Third Woodsboro Murders.
    • Jason and Greg, unofficial Ghostface duo/copycats, trying to finish Richie's "film" started in the Third Woodsboro Murders, despite falling as victims, during New York Murders (unstated, likely Wayne as Ghostface was trying to finish what his son had started in Woodsboro and to finish his "film" by committing murders in New York)
  • Beth is the first main killer in the entire franchise to not have a deep motive, instead being incited to help Jay (similar to Roman helping Billy to kill his and his half-sister Sidney's mother for causing the split of Billy's parents due to his father's affair with her, as well as luring Stu as an accomplice).
  • Beth was finally killed by Kym. She was killed in a similar fashion to Jill and Roman.
  • In a promotional teaser, Beth is called 'The Goth'.
  • The last words Beth ever heard was Kym's statement about killers who comes back for a second round. This is an homage to what Sidney recites to Mickey and Mrs. Loomis in Scream 2. This statement indicates that despite manipulating Kym and having the others into suspecting her scapegoat Liv, Kym always suspected Beth, and was well prepared to Beth's final attempt on Marcus and Liv's lives, much like Sidney was suspicious of everyone, even those she cared for, in each film.
  • Beth is one of the most insane killers to date in the franchise. Unlike most Ghostfaces, who had more definite motives, Beth killed for proving herself she's the ultimate evil, and a better killer than horror icons such as Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Freddy Krueger.
  • It was revealed that Beth had hooked up with Avery in their freshman year of high school, but Avery had not called her since (although Avery would die right after contacting her since then).
    • This is a loose reference to the events pre-Season 1 of Will Belmont, the former ex-boyfriend of the Lakewood Slasher and its murders main target, Emma Duval, having slept with Emma's frenemy and the school queen bee, Nina Patterson.
  • At the start of the season, Beth and Shane was in a no-strings attached, sexual based relationship.
    • However, Beth called it off once she thought Shane was Ghostface. Despite Shane not being Ghostface, Beth called it off anyway due to the fact that Shane couldn't shoot Ghostface when he had Ghostface at gunpoint.
  • Throughout the season, Beth was getting closer to Amir, despite the fact that she had a thing with Shane. Beth and Amir eventually get together after she realised that he accepted her for who she is. They slept together, but soon after, she killed Amir. She even used him to convince herself she's a good person, claiming she warned him to stay away from her.
  • Her relationships with Jay and Shane can be seen very similar to Jill Roberts relationships to Charlie Walker and Trevor Sheldon from Scream 4.
  • Beth's friendships with Kym and Liv are similar to Jill's friendships with Kirby Reed and Olivia Morris, as well as Piper Shaw's relationships to Emma and Audrey.
  • Beth and Kym's friendship is similar with Nancy Loomis friendly attitude to Gale Weathers in Scream 2. Meanwhile, her relationship with Liv is similar to Jill and Sidney.
  • Her main reason to choose Liv as her scapegoat was because she was jealous toward Liv's ability to gain friends without manipulating them.
  • Kym was willing to form an uneasy alliance with her in order to catch the killer. However, as revealed moments before Kym finally killed her, Kym wasn't completely fooled by Beth even when she suspected Liv.
  • Early reports described Beth as being similar to Fairuza Balk's character Nancy Downs, the antagonist of the 1996 supernatural thriller, The Craft (both Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich starred in before they were in Scream) and being very knowledgeable in horror films. As Beth is one of the Antagonists (along with Jamal) like Nancy, this may have been an indirect confirmation at her villainous turn.
    • Unlike Beth, Nancy is somewhat more sympathetic as she had an abusive stepfather and was bullied which led to her mental heath deteriorating while Beth is sadistic due to her horror film obsession.
  • She is somewhat similar to Ginger Fitzgerald (played by Katherine Isabelle) in the independent Canadian supernatural horror film, Ginger Snaps (2000):
    • Both are teenage goths.
    • Both commit murders
    • Both have sex with men they ultimately kill (Coincidently include a drug dealer/user in both).
    • After being attacked by werewolf, Ginger becomes more and more unstable as the movie progresses to the point where she is like Beth at the finale.
    • Both are killed by a female protagonist
      • Unlike Beth, Ginger did have a genuine sense of humanity when it came to her sister Bridgette (played by Emily Perkins), as both were close before she was attacked, Bridgette even tried to help her when she turned into a werewolf. When Bridgette ultimately has to kill Ginger, she is in tears at her sister's death, thus making her sympathetic as being attacked by the werewolf (With a combination of bullying) is what causes her to snap unlike Beth who lies, manipulates and kills the members of The Deadfast Club that befriended her just for pleasure due to her horror obsession.

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