"It works better without the safety on. "
—Billy Loomis on the Beretta 92FS.

The Beretta 92FS was the main pistol used in Scream. Made in Italy, the Beretta is a 9mm pistol that is currently the official pistol of the United States Military. In subsequent films, it was replaced by the Glock 17. 


It was Dewey Riley's main sidearm and seen in his holster throughout the film. Sidney takes it off Dewey's supposedly dead body and threatens Stu and Randy with it. Later on, Billy have convinced Sidney to hand him over the gun, only to betray her by shooting Randy in the shoulder. Then Gale tried to kill Billy and Stu with it, but neglected to take the safety off. Billy tried to kill Gale with it, but Sidney saved her by fleeing while Billy and Stu were distracted. Gale later retrieves the pistol and shoots Billy in the chest with it. Sidney then executes him by shooting him in the head. 


  • Billy Loomis



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