Avery Collins was a recurring character in the third season of the television series Scream. He was portrayed by Patrick Johnson.

Appearances (3/6) 

Season 3 (3/6)


  • Although not in a relationship, Avery and Liv were close at the start of the series. Their relationship can be seen as similar to Sidney and Billy's relationship.
  • It was revealed that Avery had hooked up with Beth in their freshman year of high school, but he didn't call her back.
  • He shares vague similarities to Billy Loomis due to him dating Liv (who also is similar to Sidney) at the beginning as well as being culpable due to him being used by Ghostface to be suspected by Deion.


Avery was thrown over the balcony at the silent disco rave and was impaled by a spike upon landing. He is masked at the time of his fall and is later unmasked by Beth to the crowd where he is seen bleeding and convulsing until dying.



  • Avery is a high school student at Weaver High School.
  • He is a fierce rival of Marcus Elliot. Their rivalry can be seen as similar to Billy and Randy's rivalry.
  • He is the second victim of Ghostface in Season 3.
  • His death pays homage to the deaths of Cici Cooper and Tyson Fox from the films due to them also falling to their deaths, although his is the first public and the first impaled.
  • His death is also similar to Rachel Murray's from the first season, as well as Steven Stone from Scream 3 due to impalement and being alive a few moments before dying.


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