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Bitch talks too much.

–Audrey to Emma after shooting Piper, Revelations

Audrey Jensen is the deuteragonist of the original Scream television series.

She is portrayed by Bex Taylor-Klaus.


Emma's former BFF from childhood and is described as the lesbian daughter of a Lutheran pastor who's more arresting-looking than pretty. This artsy loner dreams of being a filmmaker and shares a close bond with tech genius, Noah Foster. She lost her best friend Emma Duval to the Popular Crowd (dissolved due to its members being murdered) and they haven't spoken for a while, until a viral video and Nina's murder bring them together.

Throughout the first season, Audrey was suspected of being involved in the killings. In the first-season finale, it is revealed that Audrey and Piper exchanged letters months prior to the murders, which indicate that she was connected to the killings. She, however, burns them, covering up her involvement. In the second season, she is stalked by the new killer who blackmails her over her involvement with Piper. It is soon revealed that Audrey is the reason Piper first came to Lakewood, but she was not involved in the killings.

Appearances (24/24)

Season 1 (10/10)

Season 2 (14/14)

Kill Count

The following is Audrey's Lakewood Slasher kill count:

Audrey shoots Piper Piper Shaw Shot in the chest (then shot in the head by Emma Duval) Revelations


Piper is dead. That movie is over. Roll credits. Leave the freaking theater!

– Audrey to Noah Foster, Vacancy

Throughout the first set of Lakewood murders, Noah and Audrey became "partners in crime" and they called themselves "Bi-curious and The Virgin" due to their sexual orientations and history. Noah and Audrey's friendship was one not to be messed with which showed that they really cared about each other.

As the new set of murders began again in the second season, Audrey and Noah's friendship got complicated due to Audrey's secret association with Piper Shaw, the first Lakewood Slasher in the first season. As Noah slowly uncovers her secret, they become torn apart. However, when Audrey reveals her secret to Noah, Noah forgives her and tells her that she was not a monster rather a victim of her situation. Their relationship becomes damaged when Noah records Audrey's secret on tape and its sent by an unknown user to Emma Duval. Audrey becomes angry with Noah who thinks is the one who sent the tape to Emma. Audrey then becomes suspicious of Noah's girlfriend at the time, Zoë Vaughn. Noah comes at Zoë's defends and states that it's Audrey's fault for not telling Emma sooner. As the season comes to a close, Audrey helps Noah cope after the death of Zoë.

In the Halloween specials, Audrey is dragged by Noah and Gustavo Acosta to Shallow Grove Island, where, yet again, they're is targeted by another killer.

Stay the hell away from me, or I'll break something you love

– Gustavo to Audrey Jensen, Dawn of the Dead

As the killer starts to harass Audrey, she starts to suspect Gustavo for his dark and mysterious personality. She constantly asks the others about how they feel about him and his behavior. As the season advances, Audrey's and Gustavo's relationship gets worse in the school lockdown, when Audrey reveals his drawings to everybody which causes Stavo to be physically attacked by the rest of the school that causes his tablet to be broken by one of the other students. Following the incident, Stavo shows Audrey his drawings and confesses that he suspects her for everything that's been happening.

In the season two finale, Stavo goes to Brooke Maddox's house after her father, Quinn Maddox, was murdered to comfort her. Due to a video the killer posted on Noah's podcast, Gustavo incorrectly believes that Audrey was behind his murder, but Brooke knows this is inaccurate and tells him to leave, which he does.

Their friendship becomes better after the finale and the halloween specials, where Audrey was convinced by Gustavo and Noah Foster to come to Shallow Grove Island for a trip, where, yet again, they're targeted by another killer.





  • Audrey: "Nina was a stone cold bitch who got what she deserved."
  • Audrey: "Try Thunder Bitch!" (when trying to enter the password on Nina's laptop)
  • Audrey: "(That) Bitch talks too much.'' (when she shot Piper after trying to kill Emma and her mother)
  • Audrey: "Nice shot."(To Emma after Emma shoots Piper in the forehead)
  • Audrey: "What are you waiting for?!"
  • Audrey: "Piper is dead. That movie is over. Roll credits. Leave the freaking theater!" (Noah, unaware of Audrey's involvement, is attempting to find out if Piper had an accomplice)
  • Audrey: "Oh, wow. Maybe I can stab you, too?" (to jocks who praised her for stabbing the prankster)
  • Audrey: "You broke my heart! I loved you, okay? And you broke my heart. And the worst part is you didn't even know you were doing it."
  • Audrey: "Chicks before Dicks."
  • Audrey: ''Whoever did this is trying to control us and it might be a game to him but to us is life or death!''
  • Audrey: "Why, Why, Why would you say that!?" (To Emma when she said; I'll be right back)
  • Audrey: ''Okay, Okay, so all of this, for you, all of this is all about some messed up daddy issues, really?''
  • Audrey: ''And then I showed up, with a gun.''
  • Audrey: ''You know, she's probably already gone!''
  • Audrey: ''Don't give him what he wants, get out of here!''
  • Audrey: ''Stop being stupid Emma, If you go at least one of us lives.''
  • Audrey: ''Shoot him, Shoot him, Emma, he deserves it!'' (Encouraging Emma to shoot and kill Kieran Wilcox)


  • She, along with Rachel Murray, are the first openly LGBTQ+ characters of the entire Scream franchise.
    • They would technically be the second to third, since it's implied in Scream 2 by Sidney that Officer Andrews was gay, although it's unconfirmed. They are both the first two white female LGBTQ+ characters.
    • They're also the first duo of LGBT females to be in a relationship before ending due to the death of the protagonist’s partner by the respective killers, succeeded by Mindy Meeks-Martin and Anika Kayoko’s relationship in Scream VI.
    • To date Audrey and Mindy are the LGBTQ characters to be played by LGBTQ actors
  • In Halloween, it is revealed that she is currently dating Gina McLane.
  • She shares similarities with Kirby Reed and Mindy Meeks-Martin.
    • Like Kirby, both are tomboys with a horror film knowledge, both are laid-back yet snarky with a sarcastic sense of humor and both are very fearless against the killers.
    • Like Mindy, each are very outspoken when it comes to their own and friends, and each have girlfriends and both like horror movies, one to more an extent (Mindy) than the other (Audrey).
      • Both are played by LGBTQ actors
  • She wears a key around her neck as it was a gift from her mother.
  • Audrey is the first and last character to appear in Season 1.
  • She met Rachel on a Film Geek website.
  • She has a hidden picture of Brandon James.
  • She always carries her video camera with her.
    • However, this seemed to have changed during Season 2. This is a nod to Mickey Altieri's video camera in Scream 2.
  • She used the Lakewood Slasher voice for one of Rachel Murray's movies.
  • She had Emma and Noah take her SD card from September 30th (canonically September 28th; See Timeline) which had damaging evidence from her house which shows her angry and furious from learning she and Rachel had been spied on and recorded and uploaded for everyone to see online.
  • Her DNA was found on the inside of the Brandon James mask. Though it's later ruled out as tampered evidence, due to Audrey's apparent reveal as a helper to the killer, it's likely her DNA was in the mask.
    • This interrogation is an homage to the scene of Billy Loomis being sent to jail after comforting a scared Sidney Prescott in the first film, despite the differences in each. Both are cleared after being apprehended, despite one character not being a killer (Audrey) while the other was (Billy).
  • She and Noah are responsible for Emma's first time video to be leaked. Their hack is supposedly the only one not committed by Piper or Kieran throughout the first season.
  • She is an atheist, as revealed in "The Dance".
  • She was revealed to be apparently be helping Piper Shaw in Revelations.
    • However, she betrayed Piper after she saw the latter attacking Emma and her mother
    • Jill E. Blotevogel originally confirmed that it was Audrey who attacked Will Belmont and Piper in abandoned car dealership. However, this was retconned, as it was revealed in Jeepers Creepers that she only brought Piper to Lakewood to town for a documentary both of them were meant to make and therefore didn't help her.
  • Audrey is one of the members of the Lakewood Six.    
  • She is best friends with Noah Foster, Emma Duval and Brooke Maddox.    
  • As a duo with Noah, they are often called in the show as the Bi-curious and the Virgin.    
  • Like Brooke and Noah, Audrey is a breakout character on the show.
  • The password to Audrey's phone is "rachelsgirl".
  • She currently works at the Zenith Theater.
  • She is the third person in the series to get a call from the killer.
  • Audrey kidnapped Noah in Jeepers Creepers to convince Noah that she is not the killer.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, she confesses her involvement with Piper Shaw to Noah. It turns out she needed help doing a documentary about Brandon James because she felt like she could relate him. So she brought Piper to Lakewood. Together, they did research on Brandon. Unknown to Audrey, Piper began murdering people over Brandon. Because of her letters and closeness to Piper, the new killer is using it against her to make her look like her accomplice.
    • Her secret was exposed to her friends in The Orphanage, leaving Emma and Brooke furious at her.
    • It was revealed that Audrey knew that Piper was Emma's sister.
      • This explains why she followed Emma soon after she headed inside Brooke's house alone to get a call from Piper in Revelations to head alone to Wren Lake, due to fear of being exposed by Piper, which is the reason she shot Piper with Kieran's gun as she pinned Emma down, and cut her off from what she was about to say about her "one last surprise" to Emma and that she wouldn't see it coming; retconning the original idea of Audrey being the accomplice by the showrunner, thus making this Audrey's only act in self-defense/protective, despite the repercussions she would face in Season 2 for not admitting to it until later.
  • In The Vanishing, Emma found one of her letters that she wrote to Piper, that has her insulting Emma.
    • Audrey confesses later that she wrote those letters because she was in love with Emma and she "broke her heart".
  • In Heavenly Creatures, she was arrested along with Emma Duval after a wrong accusation of killing Mayor Quinn Maddox.
  • Her student ID number is 30476.
  • She was accused twice of being the Lakewood Slasher.
  • She is one of 4 characters to have appeared in every episode.


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