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Atlanta is the capital and most populous city of Georgia. It was the main setting for the third season of the television series Scream. It's the known residence of Marcus Elliot, Kym, Liv Reynolds, Jamal Elliot, Manny, Amir Ayoub, Beth and Shane. It was the home of the 2018 College Park, Atlanta Murders, which was committed by Ghostface, albeit a separate entity (and murders), in the Scream franchise.

In the sixth film of the franchise, Scream VI (2023), it is revealed that Special Agent Kirby Reed was working as an FBI agent from the Atlanta office of the city, as well as following two former residents, Jason Carvey and Greg Bruckner, before they relocated to New York City due to their obsession with Ghostface. Kirby states to Detective Wayne Bailey that she investigates attacks regarding and surrounding the use of the Father Death costume. While unstated, it's unclear whether she investigated the events of the third season or if they're canon, thus only stating and establishing Atlanta as a location in the films.


  • Weaver High School
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • FBI Office (Atlanta)
  • Old Metro Station
  • Diner
  • Amir's family donut shop
  • Tattoo Parlor (Beth's workplace)
  • Abandoned warehouse (Atlanta)
  • Hook Man's Lair aka Shedyard
  • Unknown Truck Lane
  • 42 Pumpkin Lane (aka Beth's house/Morgue)
  • Shane's apartment
  • Elliot apartment (College Park)
  • Manny's apartment (College Park)
  • Kym's apartment (College Park)
  • Reynolds house

Places in Atlanta

In the third season of the television adaptation of Scream, the city is home to Weaver High School, which Deion (Marcus) and his classmates attend, as well as the Atlanta Police Department.


Current Residents (as of Season 3 and Scream VI)

Former Residents

Deceased (as of Season 3 and Scream VI)

In chronological order (2010-2023)

Mention Only/Unseen (as of Season 1-3)

  • Clark’s unnamed wife † (neé Wilcox; 1970s-2015)
  • Kieran’s unnamed stepfather †(1970s?/80s-2015)
  • Eli Hudson’s unknown father
  • Eli Hudson’s unknown various stepfathers
  • Unknown teenage girl who was exposed online
  • Unknown teenage girl’s mother/parents
  • Amir Ayoub's parents
  • Manny's aunt/parents
  • Beth's parents
  • Liv Reynold's mother


  • This will be the second time in the history of the Scream franchise, apart from Scream 3, where the setting is real and not, a fictionalized version of a city or town.
  • The city made its debut in the third season of the television series, Scream.
    • The city was referenced in the past two seasons. Kieran Wilcox, Eli Hudson and Tina Hudson (as well as Clark Hudson, prior to his death) lived in Atlanta, before moving to Lakewood.
    • It is also where Kirby Reed resides and works as an FBI Agent, which makes it the only city to play some sort of role with the characters and story to be referenced in all three seasons of the tv series and the film series (Unstated if any of the seasons are canon to the movies due to this connection and Kirby investigating Ghostface activity).
  • Atlanta is the first (real-life) location from the TV series to be included into the film franchise, following it's mentions throughout both Season 1 and 2, and its appearance in Season 3.
  • Besides Season 3, this will be the second time in the history of the Scream franchise in which the city was used as a filming location; the first being Scream 2 (1997) used as a location shoot for Windsor College, Ohio. Filming dates for both projects also began for them nearly 20 years apart, albeit different seasons (the film in mid-June 1997, Season 3 in September-October 2017).
  • The city, in retrospect, is a callback to Riley Marra's reference to Noah Foster during their nighttime picnic date during Season 1, in the second episode "Hello, Emma", when Riley mentions romance/horror in The Walking Dead.
    • This comment is subliminally regarded and narrated in new words by Beth, due to Beth and Amir Ayoub's faux-romance (unbeknownst to him; unlike the previous duo in Season 1 who were non-killers) in the season.
    • In regards to the original AMC show (in which she mentions the romance between Carol and Daryl, referenced by Noah as the hick (Daryl) and the housewife (Carol) mentioning Season 1 through 5 of the show, in regards to the Timeline (TV Series), from October 2010-March 2015; in-universe/reality, as the events of the 2015 Lakewood Murders occurred during TWD's release of Season 6, which was October 2015), the original (temporary) setting before changing in the AMC show of the zombie apocalypse was in the same Southern state and city as the setting of the third season, as well.
      • Similarly used for the state of California (not mentioning Hollywood, but overall; where the 2000 murders on the set of Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro occurred in Scream 3; See Timeline) and its main city of Los Angeles was used as the temporary setting for the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead's sister show Fear the Walking Dead (released also before and during the 2015 murders, in it's Season 1 in August-October 2015) which like the third season, is the U.S state in the West, where the infamous three generational Woodsboro Murders (based off the fictional town in Northern California) took place.
        • Interestingly, during the 2011 and 2022 sprees, the original Walking Dead show and Fear were also released throughout; in 2011, just after Season 1 (2010) but before Season 2 of TWD, which was approximately 2 weeks and 1 day due to Jill Roberts's death in Scream 4 (due to TWD Season 2 premiering on October 16, and Jill died on October 1 of the same year); while in 2021, in regards to both AMC shows, the events of Walking Dead's Season 11 took place during its events in Scream (2022) (which occurs after the eleventh season's fifth and sixth episodes, released between September 19 (Episode 5) and September 26 (Episode 6), mainly occurring in between the period of both but closer to the 6th episode for the 2021 events), while for Fear, it occurred after the show's Season 6 but before it's Season 7, as well.
    • Furthermore, in universe/reality of the 2018 College Park, Atlanta, murders, during The Walking Dead's Season 9 (seeing as in Fear, the release of the AMC show and universe-murders happen before the show's Season 4 (April-September 2018) but whose finale in 2019 flashed forward to perhaps coincide during some episodes of Season 5, in the same year, and which the premiere episode of the third season of Scream, aired a day after the fifth season's sixth episode, which was July 7th, 2019) sees the events of its events take place also a week (minus a day) in the ninth season's fourth and fifth episodes, respectively (in Scream, taking place on October 29-November 3rd, 2018, while The Walking Dead released its fourth and fifth episodes of its ninth season from October 28 (Episode 4) to November 4 (Episode 5), lessened by a day, both in-universe/reality.
      • Kym makes a joke in "The Man Behind the Mask" during hearing Liv's theory of "Deion" being alive and the killer after them (unbeknownst that Marcus lived, not Deion, whose identity he assumed, wasn't revealed to her or anyone in the season finale except Liv), how unless "Marcus" came back as a zombie, there's no way he's Ghostface. This is perhaps a slight nod to both Walking Dead (due to the show's original setting) and Fear, which had already been released at the time of the events of each of the 3 seasons of the TV series, as well as the decades between Scream 4 and Scream (2022) alongside the TV show, respectively.