Detective Anthony Perkins was a Woodsboro police officer, assigned to guard Sidney Prescott and Jill Roberts from Ghostface in Scream 4.

Perkins was the sixth character to fall victim to the fourth Ghostface killing spree. He was portrayed by Anthony Anderson.

Scream 4

Detective Anthony Perkins, along his partner, Deputy Ross Hoss, and other cops, told Deputy Judy Hicks and Sheriff Dewey Riley about High School Student Jenny Randall's phone ringing and found it inside Sidney Prescott's car covered in blood.

When other high school students, Olivia Morris, Jill Roberts and Kirby Reed, received phone calls from Ghostface, Hoss and Perkins were assigned to guard The Roberts' house where Sidney is staying with her cousin, Jill, and her aunt, Kate Roberts. While Hoss and Perkins were checking the house due to an unfamiliar silhouette, Ghostface killed Olivia.

Later Perkins is seen at the press conference with Hoss and Dewey. Unfortunately, this is where Sidney's publicist and personal assistant, Rebecca Walters, was thrown on top of a newsvan after she was stabbed to death.
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Anthony´s Death

Later Perkins is in the cop car when Hoss, coming back from maining his rounds, sees Perkins over the steering wheel, appearing dead. Suddenly, Perkins

springs up and startles Hoss, revealing he was only faking it as he tells him, "you should've seen the look on your face, rookie." Suddenly, Hoss is stabbed in the back by Ghostface right in front of Perkins. As Hoss falls to the ground and dies, Ghostface stabs Perkins straight in the forehead. Perkins gets out of the cop car and tries to fight Ghostface even though he's clearly been rendered completely blind from the first stab wound. Perkins falls to his knees and mutters his last words, "Fuck Bruce Willis." Then he falls to the ground, dead.

After Kate's death, Deputy Hicks arrives and Sidney tells her that Kate's dead. Hicks, seeing the body, calls Dewey and reports the news on the late Kate Roberts while also mentioning that Hoss' and Perkins' were found dead in their police car two blocks away with multiple stab wounds.


  • "She can live next door to me." - About Olivia Morris
  • "Fuck Bruce Willis." - Before he falls down dead


  • Perkins said "I'll be right back".

Behind the scenes

  • His casting call states: "Old school cop. Cocky, bigoted, and snarky. NAME CAMEOS PREFERRED."
  • It is possible that Perkins is suppose to be the new version of Sheriff Burke.
  • In a scene of the film, he is about to leave his patrol car, saying "I'll be right back" before stopping and saying "I know this one, you're not supposed to say that, are you?", an obvious reference to rule #. 3 ("Never, ever, EVER under any circumstances use the phrase 'I'll be right back', cause you won't be back!") from the first Scream movie.
  • Named after Anthony Perkins, star of Psycho which Billy references in the the Original Scream.
  • Anthony Anderson, who played Perkins, had co-starred with Scream 2 actor Jerry O'Connell (Derek Feldman) in the 2003 hit comedy Kangaroo Jack.
  • After getting stabbed, getting out of the back and before falling to the ground, Perkins' last words were F**k Bruce Willis. He's a famous actor, singer and producer who Perkins somehow dislikes.
  • Perkins shares his first name with his actor, Anthony Anderson.

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