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Say something more positive!

–Anika to Mindy Meeks-Martin

Anika Kayoko was a supporting character in Scream VI (2023 film). She was a student at Blackmore University and the spunky attractive girlfriend of Mindy Meeks-Martin.

In the events of the film, Anika is dating Mindy and the two are madly in love, however, this doesn't eliminate her from being one of Mindy’s new Ghostface suspects. During the attack in Samantha and Tara Carpenter's apartment, Anika is attacked and stabbed by Ethan Landry as Ghostface, then thrown off a ladder by him while trying to crawl across it to Danny Brackett's apartment, falling to her death and was the 9th falling victim.

She was portrayed by Devyn Nekoda.


Early Life

Anika was born in approx. August 2004 and raised in New York, and she later attended Blackmore University. Whilst there, she formed a romantic relationship with Mindy Meeks-Martin.

The New York City Murders (2023)

S6 0308

Anika attends a frat party with Mindy, Chad Meeks-Martin, Tara Carpenter and Ethan Landry and brings Chad to the attention of a known date-raper student, Frankie, who is walking off with Tara. A fight ensues between Chad and the student, resulting in Samantha Carpenter showing up and tasing him in the testicles. Anika leaves the party with the rest of the group and witnesses an outburst between Sam and Tara and then Sam having abuse hurled at her by internet users who believe Sam framed Richie Kirsch as Ghostface.

Anika returns to Sam and Tara’s apartment with the rest of the group and brings their attention to a news report about Jason Carvey's murder. The next afternoon, Anika sits with the rest of the group as Mindy discusses the rules and her new suspects. Later that night, Anika is staying in Sam and Tara’s apartment with the rest of the group when Ghostface (Ethan) fakes Quinn Bailey's death and throws her "corpse" on Anika. After this, he goes to Mindy and slices her arm, and when Anika tries to protect her, Ethan grabs Anika and stabs her in the stomach, twisting the knife and ripping open Anika's stomach, nearly gutting her. However, she is saved by Samantha.

S6 0438

Chad and Tara escape and Sam, Mindy and Anika flee to Quinn’s bedroom where Danny Brackett extends a ladder between their windows to help them escape. Anika allows Mindy to go before her and whilst trying to climb across and avoid more blood loss, Ghostface flips the ladder and Anika falls to her death.


after Quinn and Wayne's defeat she is now avenged by Tara who stabbed her killer Ethan Landry in the mouth and while Kirby throws Stu Macher's TV for her killer's one last scare.





  • "And I am spectacularly uninterested in knowing anything about you." (Anika to Frankie)
  • "Hey, big guy. You're needed." (Anika to Chad Meeks-Martin)
  • "What's a requel?"
  • "Say something more positive!"
  • "Mindy, no! I’ll be right behind you, I promise." (Anika trying to convince Mindy to save herself)
  • "Oh, God! I can’t do it, I can’t do it!" (Anika climbing across the ladder)
  • "What?" (Anika climbing across the ladder)
  • "Baby, I don't wanna die!" (Anika realises Ghostface is behind her)


Parallels - Anika and Cici in 'Scream'

Hounded and mangled: Anika's downfall remembers Cici, a tribute to Ghostface's legacy and Stab fans.

  • Her character parallels Cici Cooper mostly due to the circumstances of her death as they were targeted at night and fell several stories high to her death with knife wounds. (However, Quinn paralleled the prior circumstances of Cici Cooper’s interaction and attack with Ghostface; on a strange phone call and confusion with her lover while on the phone.)
  • Reversed of Cici Cooper, Anika was stabbed in the stomach while being vulnerable on her back around her friends. Cici was stabbed in the back being vulnerable on her stomach while alone in the house before being thrown to their death.
  • Quinn’s fake dead body being thrown and landing on top of Anika symbolized their link of paralleling Cici Cooper’s attack and murder in Scream 2.
  • Unlike Cici Cooper, she is not apart of a sorority, rather more inclusive with the Core 4 friend group.
  • Actress Devyn Nekoda revealed in an interview that Anika was born and raised in New York.[1]
  • She became the first Asian victim of any Ghostface killing spree.
  • It is also unknown if she is a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipina or Mongolian descendant.
  • Anika's death occuring while climbing a ladder is a direct reference and homage to the death of Riley Marra in Season 1 in the third episode "Wanna Play a Game?", which sees both women attacked and given chase by a killer, whose use of the ladder to escape proves fatal for both.
  • She is predominantly Japanese due to her surname “Kayoko” being of Japanese descent. However, she may be a mixed East Asian or Southeast Asian descendant. Nekoda herself is of Japanese descent.
  • She was the second Asian character in the movies, the first being Deputy Vinson.
  • She is the 3rd LGBT+ character following Mindy, Frances, and possibly Officer Andrews.
  • Anika and Laura Crane are the only female characters to be killed in the sixth film (not counting Quinn because she was the fourth female Ghostface).
  • She is the only one who never visited the Ghostface Shrine with the Core Four, as she had been deceased by then.
  • Devyn Nekoda's character's age was supposed to be 17-20.
  • Anika was the only member to die from her friend group.


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