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I know it's weird because it's your life and all, but... I wanted to make you proud, Sidney.

–Angelina to Sidney Prescott.

Angelina Tyler is one of the main characters of Scream 3. As a newcomer actress, she was set to star in the cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, a fictional sequel to the previous two Stab films not based on true events.

Angelina allegedly won the leading role of Sidney Prescott, previously portrayed by Tori Spelling in Stab (1997 fictional film) and Stab 2 (1999 fictional film) for the third and final chapter Stab 3. She contains great affection towards the film and the character.

Throughout the film, she feigns an innocent and innocuous persona, which unravels in the final act.

Angelina was the sixth character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree. She is portrayed by Emily Mortimer.



Angelina is the lead actress starring in Roman Bridger's Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro (2000) alongside returning cast member Jennifer Jolie and newcomers Tyson Fox, Tom Prinze and Sarah Darling. She is cast following Tori Spelling's decision not to return to the role after Stab 2 (1999 film).

However, due to the eventual cancellation of Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, it is possible Spelling returned for Stab 3: Hollywood Horror approx. six years later.

Despite beating out "50,000" girls for the role of Sidney, she is apparently hesitant to keep the role going upon Cotton Weary and Christine Hamilton's murders. Tom Prinze cast doubt on her sympathy, and mocked her supposed sincerity saying, "queue the violins". For a brief moment, Sarah expressed sympathy for her genuine concern.

Angelina as Sidney

The alleged ingénue portraying Sidney.

Angelina was an alleged associate of John Milton, a Sunrise Studios executive and horror producer. He hired Maureen Prescott for small roles in three horror films. As the ending revealed, Angelina apparently manipulated her sexuality to win the role of Sidney Prescott. She admits this scandal to Jennifer and Gale when the three girls were being chased by Ghostface and she tells them off.

She appeared to be a meek and innocent actress with no afflictions and gentle nature until Gale and Jennifer's information on the "death" of Roman. This is when she finally admits to what she did to get her role. While running down a flight of stairs in John Milton's mansion, she turns the corner just to be stabbed in chest by Ghostface. Gale and Jennifer run to her aid, just to see her body being dragged out of sight.


IMG 1449

Angelina being dragged by Ghostface.

Angelina encouraged her image as a sweet ingenue actress from the Midwest, but she had a darker side. Tom Prinze suspected she wasn't exactly what she seemed.

Sidney found her stealing Ghostface props from the set once it was closed (though she stated she was a huge fan of Sidney and wanted souvenirs just in case she never got another role in a movie).

Shortly before her death, she reveals she didn't fairly won the contest to play Sidney when she revealed that she slept with John Milton to get the role.





Angelina Tyler Scream 3 Promo

Angelina Tyler promotional image.

By Angelina

  • "I did not fuck that pig, Milton, to get a leading role just to die here with second rate celebrities like you two!" (To Gale and Jennifer before running from them.)
  • "Of course I am, but not at the expense of people's lives." Angelina to Tom Prinze, who questions her sympathy gestures and says she would be praying production on the film will resume.
  • "Are we safe?"
  • "You guys should get out, too! It's crazy to still be here!" (Before being stabbed to death by Ghostface).
  • "Tom was in the house!"
  • "It'll be okay. (Whispers) We're gonna stick together." (Angelina to Tyson, agreeing with Roman's plan to split up).
  • "God, this house is incredible. It's old Hollywood..." (Angelina admires Milton's mansion).
  • "Jennifer! Gale! Look, I've found a secret passageway."

About Angelina

  • "Give that sweet ingenue act a rest." (By Tom about Angelina).
  • "I bet she fought and clawed for that Sidney part. I bet she stepped on any poor girl that got in her way." (Tom about Angelina).
  • "50,000 girls and they pick you. You gotta be praying this movie keeps going." (By Tom)
  • "I'm sure I would've been." (Sidney states she would have been proud of Angelina).
  • "Jeez, not "Sidney", Sidney. Like I'm "Gale", and she's Gale." (By Jennifer).
  • "...Angelina? How'd you get way over there?" (By Dewey).
  • "I don't know. She came in here, I went after her, now she's gone." (Tyson answers Dewey's question about where Angelina is).


  • She was described as "20. Extremely naive looking... She's timid, with short dark hair" and looking closely to Sidney in the script.
  • Named after actresses Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler.
  • In the beginning of the movie, she has long brown hair and bangs, resembling Sidney's look in the first Scream film (similar to Jennifer portraying a version of Gale with her original hairstyle seen in the first film). She also wears red, which Sidney also wears in her next on-screen appearance right afterwards. For a majority of the film, however, she has short hair. This is believed to be because Sidney had short hair at the time, too, a reflection of their casual real-life resemblance.
  • Emily Mortimer didn't have a permit to work in the United States, as she is British. Fortunately, Emily was able to get a permit just before production went underway so she could portray Angelina Tyler.
  • Alicia Silverstone was offered the role of Angelina Tyler as well as Christine Hamilton and Sarah Darling, but she turned them all down.
Angelina Tyler Excluded From Death List Scream Trilogy DVD Boxset

The Official DVD/Blu-Ray boxset collection of the Scream trilogy omits Angelina as a victim.

  • On the Scream trilogy boxset, Angelina is not listed as a victim for the third massacre.
  • Majority of the film's production (as well as the original final script), was shot with Angelina as the intended second Ghostface, meaning her on-screen death was originally intended to be a fake-out.
  • In the scrapped unveiling, she comes alive after being shown Silence of the Lambs-style strung up with Jennifer and Tyson's corpses, observed by Sidney who comes to the mansion, while Dewey and Gale would be "behind the screen" in the screening room, according to editor, Patrick Lussier.
    • In the screening room, Sidney meets Angelina, where she reveals she is Roman's girlfriend and accomplice, and in reference to the incest connotations, Maddelena said, "we [Craven/Lussier/Maddelena] loved the sickness of that". (1:32:29-01:33:27 in the Scream 3 DVD commentary)
    • This version was deemed "scarier" by producer Marianne Maddalena, compared to the filmed version where Dewey and Gale are simply tied up.
    • Kincaid was added/expanded to appear in the climax to replace it.
  • The script also delves further into the original plan, showing she was intended to be a former classmate of Sidney from Woodsboro, originally named Angie Crick. Her motivation was stated as idolizing Sidney and wanting her fame and attention, thus taking on the role of Sidney in the third Stab film. The idea was cut from the film's theatrical release, and two elements of this were submerged into two characters later on.
    • The backstory of being Sidney's classmate was later used as a red herring for Judy Hicks in Scream 4 (2011).
    • The killer idolizing and wanting to be Sidney was given to the following female killer, Jill Roberts, also in Scream 4 (2011).
    • Despite these cut story elements being re-used, per Wes Craven's words as director, he views her as the secret accomplice. It is possible, with the recycling of Angelina's original story docs to Jill and Judy that her motivation as a killer may be different.
    • The name Angie would have fit the other Scream film series killers, where at least one killer's name from each film ends with an "(i)e" sounding name: Billy (first film), Mickey (second film), Charlie (fourth film), Richie (fifth film) and the Bailey family (sixth film).
  • Editor Patrick Lussier and producer Marianne Maddalena found her death scene to be dubious, though whether this is canon remains questionable.
  • If she is the Accomplice Killer, this technically means Scream 3 has 3 villains (like other "3" numbered references in the film, including 3 scripts): Roman, John Milton and Angelina.
  • Fauxshadowing: Due to the reveal being cut, much of Angelina's foreshadowing as killer becomes fauxshadowing.
    • Tom Prinze asks, "What if the killer's Sidney Prescott?" The meta of this scene is that the killer would have been Stab Sidney, while the real Sidney was planned on being framed.
    • Sidney, trying to explain to Mark that she was attacked on the Stab 3 set, refers to Ghostface as a he or she. Sidney at that point is aware now that the killer can be a female after her encounter with Nancy Loomis, and the line was also supposed to double as foreshadowing, for the reveal that Angelina is the other killer.


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