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I did not fuck that pig, Milton to get a leading role just to die here with second-rate celebrities like you two!

Angelina Tyler was one of the main characters appearing in Scream 3 as an actress appearing in Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, the third and final sensationalizing of the Windsor College Murders.

She portrays Sidney Prescott in the original script for Stab 3 and contains great affection towards the film and the character.

Angelina was the sixth character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree. 

She is portrayed by Emily Mortimer


Scream 3

Angelina is the main actress appearing in Roman Bridger's Stab 3 alongside Jennifer Jolie, Tyson Fox, Tom Prinze and Sarah Darling.

Angelina Tyler as Sidney Prescott in Stab 3.

Angelina was an associate of John Milton, the horror producer and former broadcaster of Maureen Prescott who she sexually manipulated into winning the role of Sidney Prescott. She admits this scandal to Jennifer and Gale when the three girls were being chased by Ghostface and she tells them off.

She appeared an ingenue actress with no afflictions and gentle nature until Gale and Jennifer's information on the death of Roman when she finally admits to what she did to get her role, only to die a few seconds later. While running down a flight of stairs in John Milton's mansion, she turns the corner just to be stabbed in chest by Ghostface. Gale and Jennifer run to her aid, just to see her body being dragged out of sight.


Angelina encouraged her image as a sweet ingenue actress from the Midwest, but she had a darker side. Tom Prinze suspected she wasn't exactly what she seemed, and Sidney found her stealing props from the set once it was closed. (Though she stated she was a huge fan of Sidney and wanted souvenirs just in case she never got another role in a movie.)

Shortly before her death, she even cast doubt on whether she fairly won the contest to play Sidney when she revealed that she slept with John Milton. However, she did have a nice side to her, as she was against the continuation of the film after the deaths of Cotton Weary and Christine Hamilton.

Angelina being dragged by Ghostface.


  • "I did not fuck that pig, Milton, to get a leading role just to die here with second rate celebrities like you two!" To Gale and Jennifer before running from them
  • "You guys should get out, too! It's crazy to still be here!" Before being stabbed to death by Ghostface

Behind the Scenes

  • She was described as "20. Extremely naive looking... She's timid, with short dark hair" and looking close

    Angelina's corpse on the Milton Mansion East Wing Staircase

    to Sidney in the script.
  • Named after actresses Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler.
  • In an early version of the script, Angelina was a second Ghostface, Roman's lover and accomplice, and a former classmate of Sidney from Woodsboro, originally named Angie Crick. Her motivation was stated as her idolizing Sidney and wanting her fame and attention, thus taking on the role of Sidney in the "Stab" film. The idea was later scrapped.
  • If there would be a scene in the film where Angelina was Ghostface, it is obviously when Jennifer's house explodes. Everyone else falls down a hill but Angelina is not seen. Moments later Gale is attacked by Ghostface, meaning that if Angelina did turn out to be the killer in the final cut, she most likely would have been the killer here. However, because this is not the case, it makes perfect sense that Roman would have been the killer in both murders because he killed Steven Stone moments earlier.
  • In the beginning of the movie, she has long brown hair. When she meets Sidney in the bathroom, she has short hair. This is believed to be because Sidney had short hair at the time, too, and Angelina was portraying her for the third Stab movie.
  • Emily Mortimer didn't have a permit to work in the United States, as she is British. Fortunately, Emily was able to get a permit just before production went underway so she could portray Angelina Tyler.
  • Alicia Silverstone was offered the role of Angelina Tyler as well as Christine Hamilton and Sarah Darling, but she turned them all down.
  • In the original script of Scream 3, she was a accomplice to Roman and her death was exactly the same as Stu Macher's, likely a homage to him.

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