"Out of the car, you fucker!"
—Richards to Ghostface/Mickey Altieri in Scream 2

Officer Andrew Richards served as Sidney Prescott's bodyguard when it became apparent she was the prime target of the Windsor College Murders. He was sixth person to fall victim to the second Ghostface killing spree. His death is the golden chainsaw in dead meat's kill count. He was portrayed by stunt actor Christopher Doyle


Officer Andrew Richards was a Capricorn and a recently divorced father of two children. A law enforcement officer, he was considered one of Chief Hartley's best men.

Scream 2

After the murders of three Windsor College students, and the attack of Sidney Prescott, Richards and Andrews were ordered to protect Sidney. They followed her throughout the day, while walking through campus with Derek Feldman, her boyfriend eating lunch with her friends, and the Fall of Troy rehearsals. The two searched for the killer when Sidney was harassed at the school's library via the internet. They brought Cotton Weary into custody when he confronted Sidney about an interview.

That night, the two escorted Sidney and her best friend, Hallie McDaniel, away from campus for their safety. Ghostface struck while the car was stopped at a red light and slashed Andrew's throat. Ghostface attacked Richards and then drove into him. Richards hung onto the hood of the car, attempted to stop the killer, but the car crashed into a construction site and his head was impaled with metal poles.

Behind the Scenes

  • Richards and Andrews' names are references to the two children actors (Kyle Richards and Brian Andrews) in Halloween.
  • Officer's Andrew and Richard may have the same first and last names only to be opposite.
  • It is unknown who played him in the Stab franchise.
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