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Everyone knows who Batman is!

–Amir to Shane, The Deadfast Club

Amir Ayoub was a main character of the third season of the television series Scream. An aspiring DJ, Amir was an introvert in respects of following his ambition. Being Muslim and from Atlanta, known as the Mecca for such music, predominantly hip hop and rap, Amir stood to himself as an aspiring DJ and went to Weaver High School.

In fall 2018, during his senior year, he would be thwarted along with The Deadfast Club, consisting of his former classmates turned friends from a detention crew, and be forced to survive Ghostface in the Atlanta Murders.

He was portrayed by C.J. Wallace.


Amir Ayoub is a good kid with strict parents who demand he stay away from the ladies and ultimately work in the family business. But Amir wants to someday make music -- a dream he has to hide. Until, that is, he becomes the target of a killer. Facing a gruesome end courtesy of a guy in a mask makes Amir realize he may want to chase his dreams — if he survives.


Early Life

Not much is known about Amir other that he was born approximately in 2001-2002 to unknown Muslim parents in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a Black Muslim, he comes from a strict upcoming, whose own parents were sustained by the family's donut shop they owned somewhere near Atlanta or where they lived in College Park, where he'd grow up like the rest of his later friends. Amir also attended the same public schools, eventually becoming a freshman at Weaver High School in the summer of 2015, who despite being an excellent student, was a secret, passionate DJ and aspiring producer, who would work at his family's donut shop, but who hid his hobbies.

Atlanta Murders (2018)

Amir 5

In late October 2018, during Halloween week, a 17-18 year old Amir is first shown on a school bus, who tells his popular classmate, 16 year old Marcus Elliot, that they're late, referring to them as D-Day (before his alias of Deion was revealed to be false), who ran but missed the bus, and who gets to school and Amir gets off the bus and is impressed by his athleticism, due to being a football player. He's shown later sitting alone at a lunch table during lunch at Weaver High, working on music with his headphones on in his laptop, before being asked by 17 year old Beth, unbeknownst to him, flirting with him, if the empty table where he sat, and if the seat across from him was taken, which he responds no, and says none of them are, much to Beth's dismay, who leaves Amir. Later, Amir is given detention on a technicality and is paired with the soon-to-be Deadfast Club, which includes him, Marcus, and Beth, the latter his fling; as well as activist Kym, her best friend, Manny, and new student and cheerleader Liv Reynolds. After detention ends and the group find an unconscious Marcus before he leaves, Amir returns to school at night during football practice to pick up his music equipment, after previously having gotten a flyer for a party that night by dropout and drug dealer, Shane, Beth's fling, while in detention, of whom Amir's jealous of.

Amir then dons his Father Death costume, and eavesdrops on Marcus in the weight room, who was called by Ghostface, unbeknownst to him that it was the killer and who runs after seeing Marcus see him from the mirror in the room, and who runs as he's chased and tackled down before he's unmasked by an upset Marcus who calls him out, with Amir surprised he knows his name as Marcus asks if he's behind the call or playing with him, which he denies, and asks what he was doing before, out of costume and in his regular clothes, alongside Marcus, takes him to the party at the Old Metro Station.

Once there, Shane is shown at the door accepting payments, as well as handing out Ghostface costumes for the silent disco party inside, which Amir makes note of, as he had passed earlier and hadn't heard anyone, although unclear if he knew where the line was prior or if there wasn't any when he passed by. Amir had planned to host and ask Shane if the titular partyholder, Mr. Fade, was needing a DJ, to which Shane denies and subtly plays off Amir, who contests him, calling him out on his metaphor of Fade being like Batman/Bruce Wayne, much to his frustration. Marcus tells Amir to go home and lock the doors, unaware of the call Marcus had received prior, being the killer. Amir isn't willing, until Marcus threatens to tell his parents where he is late at night, to which he willingly accepts and goes off, although it's revealed he hung back anyways, disregarding Marcus's advice. However, after the murder of Avery Collins being impaled caused the party to be evacuated by the partygoers, Marcus, alongside Liv, Kym, and Manny stay to witness Avery's death, with Beth being upfront (due to being in front when Avery was dropped and killed), with Amir arriving, in a red-herring, as Marcus calls him out for not heeding his advice. Shane tells the group how they're on their own, before Beth reconvenes them to avoid the police, to the tattoo parlor where she works, where each of them receive a text by Ghostface of a picture of Avery's body, targeting them. Amir questions why they'd target Avery, due to him being white, jokingly. Beth gives them a horror meta rule commentary, as well as names them their group name.

Over the course of the upcoming Halloween, Amir would form a fling and crush on Beth, as well as find friends in Marcus, Liv, Kym, and Manny. After the murder of Avery the night prior at the party and Kym's attempted attack by Ghostface that same night, the Club reconvenes in the hallway as Beth and Kym face off when stating the rules, followed from Beth's the night prior, who contests Beth's rules in regards to slashers and race. Amir would be shown at his family's donut shop that night with Beth, secretly taking money out to bait Shane, after following Kym's plan to lure Shane and make him confess to being Ghostface at night after hours at Weaver. Amir and the group then head to the school, and find themselves to have been tricked by the killer, after Shane is shown to be innocent, which leads to Amir and Beth sticking together and the group (minus Marcus, who's absent, as well as Liv) seperating. Amir and Beth hide in a closet from Ghostface, and who would later regroup after Kym's attack and Shane failing to shoot Ghostface, with Amir being briefly separated from Beth, as they find Marcus, who arrived after Amir had called him earlier and informed him of the plan, much to Marcus's dismay of them not letting him know (due to Marcus being called to football practice following his detention by his coach, and to be the new quarterback after Avery's death) and of them being tricked. After everyone left, Amir is shown returning the money, and is shown flirting with Beth as the two grow closer.

On Halloween 2018, Amir is shown dressed, copping Marcus's jersey, much to Beth's chagrin. After Marcus leaves the group for his solo plan, the group goes in Kym's car as Amir, Kym, Manny, and Beth are led by Liv to confront Marcus, and to join him, which he disagrees. Out in the rural parts of Atlanta, Amir and Beth get into a heated discussion of Amir trying to get something from Beth, which he denies to Beth and claims he wants to be friends, as he leaves to go with Marcus and Liv, which Marcus and Liv call him out for due to his attraction to Beth, leaving Beth behind with Kym and Manny, as they drive in Liv's car which Marcus had borrowed. Unbeknownst to him, Liv slashed one of Kym's tires in order for her and the others to not follow them. That night, as Liv and Marcus head into the junkyard where Marcus's twin as children had gone into and disappeared, Amir is confronted by Luther Thompson, much to his fear, as he's brought to the shedyard, alongside Marcus and Liv going outside to face "Hook Man". Amir is texted by Beth on where he is and to go to her, which he does after Luther gives exposition on the death of Marcus's twin, whose absence is noted by Liv, who goes out to find him. Not having the car, Amir runs back to the fields, where he finds Beth, and unbeknownst of the simultaneous murder of Luther by the killer, he witnesses, alongside Kym and Beth, who holds Kym back, Manny's death after finding Kym's abandoned car he was in and trapped, exploding. Amir calls Marcus about this.

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  • Unnamed parents




Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Following the reveal of whoever sent the text message being the actual victim, Amir and Beth are chased by Ghostface around Beth's house. He sends Beth to get help as he holds the back patio door shut, which she does, and who then goes after Beth after Ghostface disappears from the door he was trying to get in. Amir heads to the front, where Ghostface meets him and gives him chase to downstairs, with Amir getting in the elevator, barely evading the killer. He hides in the morgue, due to making noise, alerting Beth as Ghostface, before he ambushes the killer by popping out of one of the drawers and heading to the elevator. However, Ghostface stabs a bone saw through an elevator door, piercing Amir through the chest and who started the elevator, causing the bone saw to slice through his entire torso/stomach. Amir crawls out, bleeding, and in his last moments, falls on his back to face the killer and unmasks them, much to his shock as he dies knowing the identity.


  • "No. None of them are actually."
  • "Is this seat taken?"



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