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Amir Ayoub was a main character of the third season of the television series Scream. He was portrayed by C.J. Wallace.


Amir Ayoub is a good kid with strict parents who demand he stay away from the ladies and ultimately work in the family business. But Amir wants to someday make music -- a dream he has to hide. Until, that is, he becomes the target of a killer. Facing a gruesome end courtesy of a guy in a mask makes Amir realize he may want to chase his dreams — if he survives.

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Ghostface stabs a bone saw through an elevator door, piercing Amir through the chest. Ghostface started the elevator, causing the bone saw to slice through his entire torso/stomach.



  • Amir is a high school student at Weaver High School.
  • He is the seventh male victim (eighth, if counting Deion Elliot, who wasn't killed by Ghostface) and seventh victim of Ghostface overall in Season 3.
  • It's revealed that Amir texted Deion's name to the killer to save himself and Beth. This is a reference to the game of live or die Ghostface has played throughout the Scream franchise.
  • Thus, his death pays homage to the original death of Casey Becker from the first Scream film, especially the scene when revealing who their killers are, respectively.
  • Amir's death by impalement and gutted by a large weapons pays homage to the deaths of Will Belmont, Jake Fitzgerald, and Quinn Maddox from Season 1 and 2, as well as Avery Collins in this season
  • Amir having his name with the first same letter as his last name is referenced with characters such as Cici Cooper, Steven Stone, and Jennifer Jolie in the film franchise (ironically, these characters were also victims of Ghostface).
  • His death by gutting also pays homage to Steven Orth from Scream and Olivia Morris from Scream 4, respectively.
  • In a promotional teaser, Amir is called 'The Good Guy'.


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