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• 10/26/2018

Referring to my previous question in the Q/A forums.

Does Sidney using the Ghostface costume and voice changer in the first movie count as being one?
  • Yes, she was clearly doing the same thing they did.
  • No, it was just something she used to outmatch the real killers.
  • I'm not sure.
  • I have an opinion that's not listed here.
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• 2/25/2018

Update us on your new stories in this Forum.

The Fanon Category is there for User Blog creators who wish to provide announcements for their stories!
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• 1/16/2018

Welcome to the New Forum


We’ve updated the Forum to Discussion enabled forums. The reason we had to update is because it is a requirement to be considered among Fandom’s community apps per Fandom staff. I wasn’t sure that Forum’s WEREN’T Discussions, but they advised that we were indeed using an outdated version of Discussions. In a few months, hopefully we will be featured on Fandom’s official app AND an app of our own developed by Fandom available for iOS/Android. This will make it immensely easier to communicate on the Scream Wiki. The result is not a guarantee but I also believe we need to keep up in general on our Wiki as far as implementing new features, and the Forums were very outdated. Feel free to use the Discussions for anything you feel necessary regarding the Scream Franchise. Right now the General Category is the only category available. We will be adding more categories along the week to replicate the older forums.

Unlike the older forum, I do not believe Disussions adds edits or points to your score on this Wiki. Again, we are implementing a wide range of new features and design to enhance the way we go about this.



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